Illinois Health Exchange “Obamacare”

Welcome to, the leading site to purchase health insurance independently through the new Illinois State Health Insurance Exchange. The federal insurance exchanges rolled out October 1st 2013 but due to glitches we are currently unable to link to the sites.

Once the sites are fully operational will be the one stop shop for health insurance on and off the exchange. Our talented brokers are prepared to help customers determine the best health insurance solution for them. Consumers in Illinois are being faced with an onslaught of choices – team up with an expert. Our commissions are built into the policies so working through us does not add to your cost, only to the value received.

Run and managed by one of top independent insurance brokers in the state you can be guaranteed that you will have both personal service and depth of expertise. Contact us today to better understand your options under health care reform (often called Obamacare).